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  • To strengthen the industry value chain by enhancing the business integration and the trading and marketing activity

    Welcome to Everglory

    We would like to introduce you to Everglory Group, a multinational company which has established its headquarters in Hong Kong and which engages in the trading and investment of petrochemical products.

    We have a wide network of global partners and long-term contracts with petrochemical suppliers in North America, Middle East and Asia. Specifically, the company is a major olefin and LPG supplier in the Asia Pacific region with branches in Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macao, and Australia. Its trading turnover has reached three billion USD annually.

    Founded in 1992, Everglory is the pioneer of the petrochemical business in China and has established itself as a reputable company with excellent achievements and services.

    In 1996, being the first propylene importer in China, Everglory successfully developed the propylene trading business at its domestic base in Tianjin.

    Since 2000, Everglory has been actively involved with the breakthrough development of the Bohai petrochemical industry in Tianjin. Our produces have included from upstream fuel oil to downstream polyolefin, as well as chlor alka, plasticizer and other materials. Everglory continues to rapidly expand its trade products in the petrochemical industry chain.

    At the same time, Everglory has also strengthened its logistics and warehousing facilities for liquid chemical trading, and has become one of the largest propylene traders in China.

    Our venture partner, the Tianjin Vastrade Yongli Chemical Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008. It formed as a joint venture between Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group and Everglory at Tianjn LinGang Harbour Industry Park(TLIP). The Tianjin LinGang Harbour Industry Park, being one of the national-level petrochemical bases, was planned by National Development Reform Committee.

    In order to cater to the growing demand in resources and logistics coming from TLIP, Vastrade Yongli built a storage tank yard with a total capacity of 119,200CBM. The tank yard consisted of eleven 2,500 CBM propylene pressure tanks- which is the largest storage tank yard in China. In the meantime, an 130kt/a DOP plant was also built by Vastrade Yongli and has been operating since the first quarter of 2010.

    Nowadays, Everglory’s businesses are diversified in multiple areas-such as manufacturing, storage and logistics services, chemicals and energy trading, real estate, and general investments. The aim of its diversification efforts is to ensure the company’s continued growth and its contribution to the economic development of China.

    After years of market cultivation, Everglory has established strategic alliances with leading partners throughout Northeast Asia such as, Mitsui, Marubeni, Sumitomo, Showa Denko, Exxon Mobil, YNCC, LG and Hyundai Oilbank.

    Nowadays, Everglory has diversified its business investments into manufacturing, storage and logistics services, chemicals and energy trading, real estate and investment- so as to evolve with the economic development of China.




    • Everglory’s headquarters are in Hong Kong; it is engaged in trading and investment of petrochemical products.

      Everglory Hongkong has established stable and long term relationships with both local buyers in China and overseas suppliers in North America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Russia. It actively participates in the rapidly-growing Chinese market by assisting the local buyers with securing raw materials from overseas suppliers.

    • TEDA E.G. Investment is subdivision of Everglory and was founded in 2002. It engages in investments, warehousing, logistics as well as the trading of chemicals, petroleum and energy products.

      Initially, the company invested in gas stations at Tianjin and engaged in a long-term cooperation with SHELL to facilitate its business in the distribution of petroleum products.

      TEDA E.G. Investment also possesses a high-pressurized tank yard with a storage capacity of 25,000CBM at Tianjin Tanggu Port. This was the only propylene tank yard in North China at that time. By utilizing this tank yard, TEDA E.G. achieved annual turnover of 1,000,000CBM which helped strengthen its distribution business in North China. It has achieved a propylene trading volume of over 120kt/per year.

      With its experiences in warehousing, logistics and downstream products, TEDA E.G. Investment has gradually established its own sales network, as well as a major distribution network to local customers.

      In the past decade, TEDA E.G. Investment initiated the expansion of the storage facility at Tianjin LinGang and extended the value chain from trading to chemical manufacturing.

    • The Everglory Shanghai office is located at Lujiazui CBD, Pudong, Shanghai, and is the operations center of the Everglory group.

      It has established long term relationships with global partners, and a complete value chain in petrochemical products. Everglory Shanghai is involved in many fields, including (but not limited to) trading, refining chemical products, warehousing, logistics, distribution and retail. Its main goal is to provide high quality petrochemical products and services in the Asia Pacific region.

      In order to provide high-quality products, continuous improvements are being made to refining technology. Everglory is committed to providing cleaner and environmentally friendly petrochemical products.

    • Everglory group set up a separate office in Macao to support the Hong Kong headquarters. The Macao branch specializes by concentrating on selected clients in the trading and investment of oil products in response to the increasing needs of the Asian market.

      Everglory Macao aims to establish reliable and long-standing partnerships with both local customers and overseas suppliers. Additionally, the branch of Everglory intends to share its resources with its business partners in Macao’s local market, while anticipating to play a major role in the international movement of energy products.

    • A value-oriented approach is taken by Everglory when setting up operations across the world-as Everglory strives to grow into a global company. It recently established a new office in Sydney, Australia. In order to strengthen links with Australian companies in the petrochemical industry. This is an example of how the company moves forward with increasing oil and gas trading overseas, while cultivating its operation and management strengths.




    Investment Opportunities

    Investment Opportunities

    Australia’s energy resources sector is underpinned by highly quality natural resources, excellent geoscientific databases and information, a world-class services sector, a strong legal framework and a stable investment environment. Everglory will take advantage of Australia’s ideal investment opportunities. Specifically, Everglory will focus on LPG and petrochemical products and other resources such as natural gas. If you are interested in working with us on such as opportunities, please contact us.

    Green Energy

    Green Energy Products

    Green Energy Products

    Everglory strives for environmental excellence by focusing on effective, low-carbon, recyclable and green energy products. The company carries out a whole-process management in production, logistics and consumption, focusing on environmental impact assessments.

    As a responsible international energy corporation, Everglory has made great efforts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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    Hongkong Office

    Suit 3716-3719, 37/F., Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place

    Central, HongKong, China

    Tianjin Office

    Bohai Binhai New Area of Tanggu Lingang Industrial Zone ten Road No. 3369,

    Tianjin, China

    Shanghai Office

    Level 7, Lujiazui road 166,

    Shanghai, China

    Macao Office

    Level 20, AIA Tower Nos 251A-301 Avenida Comerical De Macau

    Macao, China

    Sydney Office

    Suite 17.04, Level17, No1. Margaret Street,

    Sydney, 2000, Australia